Art in Science

Popularizing science through art

As scientists, it is essential to be able to explain our objectives and discoveries in an appealing and informal manner. This can be accomplished simply through art. Achieving an optimal balance with accessibility is crucial; the manner should not be overly technical to avoid disconnection between the researcher and the non-specialist, while still conveying the magnitude of the problem without trivializing the benefits of a good solution. 

We create art through analogies with real life or everyday situations. The works themselves are the by-product of our interest and pleasure in the research we undertake, and their creation is approached as actively as our scientific investigation. Albert Einstein once said ‘If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough’. In keeping with this conviction, these illustrations enable everyone to understand our scientific mission, including young children. A widely used channel is through the preparation of journal covers, while another recent strategy was the design of emoticons to illustrate key concepts of our reesearch.