CO2 valorization

I work on conversion of small and abundant molecules and plastic waste into valuable products.  The first research line aims at transforming carbon dioxide into fuels and chemicals using electrocatalytic means. In this regard, understanding structure-performance relationships and unveiling mechanistic aspects and activity descriptors are still developing tasks. We tackle this challenge with the help of model systems and apply it to develop practical electrodes. The second line is the decentralized production of ammonia from nitrogen, for which we aim at developing electrocatalytic reactors powered by electricity with solar origin so called ammonia artificial leaves. I am guiding Florentine in her quest of efficient electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction in the context of the European  a-leaf project, and for nitrogen reduction reaction in the context of NCCR Catalysis.  The third line involves the thermocatalytic transformation at low temperature of the two largest contributors to plastic waste, namely polyethylene and polypropylene, into liquid hydrocarbon products such  as gasoline, diesel, motor oil, etc. We apply state-of-the-art catalyst design concepts to this emerging field to successfully control the cleavage process of the hydrocarbon backbone. I am guiding Shibashish to develop highly effective catalysts and catalyst design principles towards their optimal optimization.

ETH Hönggerberg
HCI E131
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1
8093 Zurich
tel: +41 4463 36768